Use Another Operating System inside windows

Use Another Operating System inside windows
If you want to use another operating system inside windows . we have a new trick called Virtual machine . in virtual machine you can also use Linux without installation .
First you need to set up virtual machine in your PC .

There are two ways Of using Operating system in Virtual machine.
1. Live Mode
2. Install

in live mode we can use approximately all version of Linux , but for using windows we have t install the windows.
So have a look how to use live operating system without installing in virtual machine

> First Download Virtual Box from oracle
> Download  Link 2

> Install and open virtual Box
> Select New

> Set name And O/s Type and version

> Select Amount Of Ram You want to give Virtual Box
  (recommended is 25% of your ram or
  For windows xp             =  512 MB
  For windows 7&8         = 1 GB
  Ubantu                          =  512 MB
  Backtrack or Kali linux  = 750 MB )

> When ask for Create A virtual Disk Create A virtual Disk for Virtual O/s installation
   ( if you want to use Linux in live mode ,no need to create a virtual disk)

> After Virtual machine set up Click on storage

> Then click Controller : IDE , Disk icon

> Then click on Choose disk

> Then choose Your o/s's  .ISO image or You Want to use CD or DVD you can leave it Empty.
> then Complete creating virtual machine .

> After finishing Click on Your created Virtual Machine and click "Start" .
now wait for Boot and Enjoy Your virtual computer inside computer.

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