Unlock Android Pattern Lock

Unlock Android Pattern Lock

Android Gives a Lock option called Pattern lock. Pattern lock is quit good And The security level is very high .
when you draw a wrong pattern 5 times the phone say "try again after 30 sec" . And after this you again draw wrong pattern it say "try again after 5 min." And After this you will draw wrong pattern your phone will be locked , and you should to enter Your Gmail username and password , for unlocking. but in some case The username and passwords are not work.
 And After trying so many times you are not able to unlock the phone.

I have A trick for unlock pattern lock and Reset Gmail.

> Download the Android multi tool (below)

> Download link 2

   > Open Android multi tool

> Connect your android phone ( option 2-6 Work only when USB debugging is enable And 7and8 work on fastboot mode only)

>Now  press 1 for check device is connected or not.
>Press 6 for reset gmail.
> Press 8 For reset full phone ( including Passwords,apps,data, and settings)
>It may take Atmost 30 sec.
>Now your phone will reboot.

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