Make Single Name Facebook id / Remove last name from Facebook id

Sometimes We have seen somebody with single name Facebook id or without surname id.
Today we will See how to remove last name or Surname of Facebook id.

In only one country single name id can made is "Indonesia"
There are tow ways to do this job . have a look

1. Go to Indonesia and remove your surname from id . hahahahaha ... sorry sorry this way is not economical and practical,
so i have an other option for it

Step 1 .. First go to Mozilla Firefox and change proxy and port to
              proxy :-
              port    :- 80
              (if above proxy does not work go to this link Proxy  and get new fresh Indonesian proxy and port )
             (for change proxy and port go to OPTIONS > NETWORK > CONNECTION > SETTING >                  MANUAL PROXY. )
Step 2 .. Then save and close Firefox  and reopen it
Step 3 .. Open Facebook and login with your id
Step 4 .. Change Facebook language to "bhasa Indonesia"
Step 5 .. go to change name And remove your Last name or surname And enter your password and save it .
Step 6 .. Change your language again to English .

Now you have a single name Facebook ....
Happy Facebooking 
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