Root your android

welcome to you all....
 today i will going to share how to root your Android smartphone .
This is Awesome now you can Root any Android phone with only one click...

First you need to Download following items

1. Vroot_1.7.0
   *if this link not work try this
   Download (alternative link)

2. ADB drivers for your phone
  *if this link not work try this
   Download (alternative link

follow steps

( first charge your mobile Approx. 80% And enable USB debugging)
1. Install ADB drivers
2. Install Vroot
3. Open Vroot
4. connect your phone via USB cable
5. Open vroot
6. When Vroot (Now iRoot) show your phone's model no. .. Click on next .

    it may take 5-10 sec.

   then your phone will restart ..
after restarting check that superuser app is installed...