Candy Crush Unlimited Life

Hello dear readers
I know i am here after so many days. but now i am here, so i will continue here.

Everyone like to play games and mostly in mobile phones, most of people like The "Candy Crush"
Today i am here with a trick of candy crush.
Candy crush game has some restrictions related to life. After Ending of All life you should to wait for some Hours and sometime for a few days.
I have a way for it. with the help of this trick we can play the game unlimited.

The clock of candy crush is synchronized with the system clock of the phone.
hehehehe... Most of from you are understand what to do next.
Ok lets follow me for unlimited gaming.

Step 1. When candy crush notify you for waiting time then note the time (how much time is                              remaining for next play).
Step 2. Minimize the game and Open Setting> time and date setting
Step 3. set the time some more hours letter.
             Example :-
              If your system time is 12:00 And candy crush says you have to wait for 10 hours
             then set you clock for 10 hours ago.
Step 4. Open candy crush and check that the time  (Bingoo) the time limit is over.
Step 5. Then reset the time to normal.
               And enjoy your Game.

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